Configuration Settings used by LibX

When developing for LibX, there are several preferences that you may find useful to have enabled. To set any of these preferences, you can go to about:config and search for them. If a preference does not exist, you can create it by right click within the about:config window, selecting new, then the appropriate type and entering the name of the preference

    LibX Specific Preferences:

    For Module Developers

    • libx.all.debug = true   Causes LibX log statements to be printed to the console for a given module. Valid modules are:
    • libx.sandbox.usesubscriptloader = true  If true, all modules and scripts will be evaluated using Mozilla’s subscriptLoader rather then evalInSandbox. This is useful for debugging purposes, as it produces line numbers and filenames in the stack trace.

    For LibX Core Development

    • This will cause all of the LibX unit tests to be run on startup. Results are printed to the console
    • Sets the URl for the bootstrapglobal.js file. This is the file that loads scripts into the global LibX space.
    • libx.bootstrap.window.url Sets the URL for the bootstrapwindow.js file

    General Firefox Debugging Preferences: These preferences are not LibX specific, but are generally helpful to have enabled. ( )

    • javascript.options.showInConsole = true. Logs errors in chrome files to the Error Console.
    • nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache = true. Disables the XUL cache so that changes to windows and dialogs do not require a restart. This assumes you’re using directories rather than JARs. Changes to XUL overlays will still require reloading of the document overlaid.
    • browser.dom.window.dump.enabled = true. Enables the use of the dump() statement to print to the standard console. Seewindow.dump for more info. You can also use nsIConsoleService from privileged script.
    • javascript.options.strict = true. Enables strict JavaScript warnings in the Error Console. Note that since many people have this setting turned off when developing, you will see lots of warnings for problems with their code in addition to warnings for your own extension. You can filter those with Console2.
    • extensions.logging.enabled = true. This will send more detailed information about installation and update problems to the Error Console.